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Open Call

Dear Colleagues, we need your help for our idea. Who knows Calligraphy Artists in Berlin or around the world or other painters or creatives who could express our key text or a specific fragment like 'Why Silk ? Because of you' or 'Bread bread - Music music' through their art form and share it with us . Ideally in Urban Spaces ( Photo or Video documentation ) along the Silk Road in Tiflis, Kabul, Dushanbe, Taschkent, Hong Kong, Beijing etc. We can share the documentation of these works in exchange.

Thank you in advance and please just send an Email to our artistic director Jan Moritz Onken . Thanks !

This idea is inspired by you.

By the silk of your music.

For audiences - from audiences.

You, dear listener - a source of inspiration.

You and your very personal idea of silk in classical music.

Your silk - the Silk Road in music.

Please, share your taste and knowledge with others.

Your choice with other ideas of silk.

Bread bread - Music music.

The goal: to compose the silk road cultural belt together -

The form: a belt of inspiration.


This way we, the 'conference of the birds',

Build the New Silk Road together.

Between real people for real people around the world.

Through music.

Q: Why silk ?

Because of you.


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