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The SRCB as a unique narrative for Europe in a global context

Have you ever imagined the Silk Road vertically ?

We believe in Europe as a Silk Road.

As the New Silk Road.

Why ? Because of its wisdom.

After two world wars we have seen enough blood to believe in a system

where men and women, young and old, big states and small states can work together for an always improving qualitative, participatory and inclusive democratic system.

It's not perfect yet - there is still a lot of chaos in the understanding of certain values and the meaning of certain priorities and its development - and it is hard to keep faith and a strong spirit when so many people doubt in the global difference Europe and the European Union can create, is creating and will create all over Europe and beyond ! - Travel and see ! Online and offline. Listen and enjoy !

You can discover the Silk Road Cultural Belt & the Silk Road Symphony Orchestra in Berlin.

Made in Germany and co-created with knowledge, sources of inspiration and personal ideas of quality from all around the world.

Europe as a position is definitively wise enough to be the New Silk Road on this planet.

Not excluding the wisdom of other New Silk Roads but with the deep understanding of the necessity to mobilize and activate clear, strong and real support for the enormous diversity at the Conference of the Birds which we can discover in between each other.

Why ? Because the European flag stands for a wise position to connect heaven and earth.

Where else do you see something similar ?

Compose Your Silk Road.


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