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The Silk Road Cultural Belt get's it's own Orchestra.

The Callias Foundation has announced that after 50.000 visitors from all corners of the world

and people from more then 22 countries composing the New Silk Road it is not enough to just

observe how Google Grants supports this idea in a truly wonderful way but to form a background for the quality shared very concretely and to equip the SRCB with it's own orchestra: The Silk Road Symphony Orchestra. The example of your enormous trust and interest in this idea made us get together as an orchestra and we understand our role as professional musicians to become a real, strong and clear support to this wonderful idea and to surround the SRCB with the actions only we as musicians can contribute in such an artistic and professional context. A heartfelt thank you , to the

Conference of the Birds and all the people who shared their sources of inspiration with others. We will give our best to confirm on the 11th of June in the RBB that YOUR ideas deserve strong, clear and real artistic support (silk). THE SRSO

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