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Dear Conference of the Birds,

How would you compose a Silk Road ?

The SILK ROAD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA wants to know more about your secret and forgotten needs when it comes to classical music. We trust that there are many subconscious secrets and dreams in your self you never knew about or don't know yet about. We trust that there is so much more in each of us to be discovered, that we need to unlock this potential together and simply support each other in discovering what makes sense - and what we finally truly love. Why ?

Simply to discover the beauty of life, the beauty of classical music, the beauty of a relationship between an orchestra and it's audience together and - to create a piece of silk, the Silk Road Cultural Belt , together. Something we understand and what simply happens in this life. And this way this active and inspiring relationship can become a source of inspiration to thousands and thousands of music lovers all around the world.

Please keep sharing at the SILK ROAD CULTURAL BELT . We believe, that the role of a good listener should transform into a more active role of a co-creator with whom we are creating conditions for the best possible music making together.

A heartfelt thank you to our supporters in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Zürich, Switzerland or in Miami, USA. Wherever you are.

The SILK ROAD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA wants to support you to unlock the beauty and charm of your personal perception through sharing with us here what became a top secret in classical music on the list of your subconscious wishes. We don't know what that might be - but let's discover the Conference of the Birds in each of us - the best possible qualities in 'the other'.

We trust that this is something unexpected, a piece of poetry - or most expensive shoes - full of life.

We never know. You have an understandable answer for your self. Please, share it with us if it is classical music, we - as a symphony orchestra - would love to include it in one of our programs.

We are already 603.102 music lovers strong. 19.7% are coming back - observing what happened in the meanwhile. And the Conference of the Birds is growing around the globe everyday by up to 1400 people curious to discover your top secret in classical music.

Thank you in advance for sharing.


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