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Poor not Poor

If we take our recent success in India as an example for the shift of paradigm and perception, for us as an Organisation it is fascinating to observe, that the position of trust which defines a human being, a listener or an orchestra by its basic human quality / sound as expressed and questioned in the idea of the Conference of the Birds at the Silk Road Cultural Belt, found a very strong and dynamic response in many Cities in India during the past months.

From a Eurocentric or 'Western' point of view many might say that this is due to poverty or lack of education in a certain sense and meaning but for us it is very important that by fact in the last four months up to 8000 visitors per day (150.000 people per month) from many different cities in India tested the meaning of our priorities with great openness, trust and curiosity.

A heartfelt thank you for this sincere curiosity and trust in our idea - and when it comes to concrete trust in the position of defining a human being by its basic human qualities, we see many parallels - Many of us want to travel to India and learn more about Gandhi or Osho - learn more about classical music and other ideas of quality - new definitions and ideas of a term like 'Silk' , 'Road' , 'Quality' or 'Conditions' in music and at the same time the basic position of trust still very often gets pushed away by personal priorities, narrow focus and other powers of interest.

Good news : The Silk Road Symphony Orchestra performed 'Ramification' by Ligeti, 'Fantasia 3' by Achim Burg and Beethovens 'Grosse Fuge' at the Artistweekend (NGORO NGORO II) in Berlin joining Jonas Burgert, Christian Achenbach, John Isaacs, Zhivago Duncan, Andrej Golder, Andreas Mühe, David Nicholson and many other artists.

We are preparing our next concert (SPURENSUCHE) on the 2nd of June in Berlin at the 'Neues Museum' with Barocksolisten, Linn Reusse (Deutsches Theater) and Steffen Lehbrink.

And when it comes to audiences along the Silk Road we are grateful for the very powerful dynamic in India - this concrete form of trust in our position, to define a sound / an idea or a human being by its basic human quality and conditions and not by national, social, political, religious or sexual backgrounds remains to be one of our main sources of inspiration.

This world is too rich and too diverse not to learn from each other - not to support each other -

starting with a piece of Silk, starting with a simple gesture - to share with a 'competitor' (???) a personal idea of quality, learning the sign of supporting each other on a basic human level in music.

India and its old and rich culture shared with the world eternal poems like the Bhagavadgita.

Great personalities like Gandhi or Osho gave orientation and an idea of certain needs to Millions of people all over the word.

We trust in these examples.


Bhagavad Gita, a 19th century manuscript.

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